Cue the confetti and join the party!

The DKM Confetti Club is our way of celebrating you and tossing confetti in your honor. It’s simple:

1) Earn Confetti

Earn confetti by making a purchase, leaving a review, referring a friend, and more!

2) Redeem Confetti

Redeem your confetti as a discount on your next purchase. Stock up for a big celebration, or redeem your confetti along the way. Just be sure to redeem your confetti before it expires – 90 days from the day you earn it!

3) Throw Confetti

Throw some real confetti and give yourself a high five in celebration of your awesome new resources at even better prices!

You can also collect a variety of “Party Favors” as part of the DKM Confetti Club! Each Party Favor is earned when a specific goal or milestone is achieved.

Keep track of your confetti and party favors in your account! Check the DKM Confetti Club tab in your user dashboard.

Button or form here for signing up for the DKM Confetti Club