For every kidmin leader you introduce to Deeper KidMin who joins as a Vendor, you’ll earn a $50 bonus the month their first resource goes live!

How does it work?

  1. As you network and connect, be on the lookout for potential kidmin leaders who may be a good fit for the DKM Marketplace.
  2. Someone has great potential to be a Vendor if they:
    • Serve in children’s ministry in some capacity (volunteer or paid position)
    • Already have resources they’ve created that you love
    • Have the potential to create resources that you love
    • Have a heart to share what they’ve created with others
  3. Broach the subject of becoming a vendor with your friend to see if they’re even interested (interest template included below), and share your personal experience as a Vendor. This is also a good time to share some of the submission guidelines with them, so they know the efforts involved in making their resources ready for the DKM Marketplace. Some helpful links to point them to:
  4. Send an “introduction email” to me and the other leader to connect us (template included below).
  5. Your friend and I will work together to get their first resource live.
  6. You earn an extra $50 bonus* for the month when your friend’s first resource goes live! Note: The referral bonus is only given when the new Vendor’s resource goes live, not when they register as a Vendor or when the email introduction is sent.

*Note: There is a limit of 4 referral bonuses per month, meaning you can’t earn more than a $200 bonus in one month.


These resources are here to help make life easier as you invite friends to join the DKM Marketplace as a Vendor! Feel free to use all or none of them – whatever works best for you!

Interest Template

Use the template below to start the conversation with your friend about joining the DKM Marketplace as a Vendor through email, FB messenger, Instagram direct messaging, etc! 

Hi (their name)!

I saw your (post about the resource you made/blog post you shared with a printable, etc.) on (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and I love what you’ve created! I wanted to reach out and see if you’d be interested in selling or sharing your kidmin resources on a site like Teachers Pay Teachers, but for Children’s Ministry. I’m part of a site called Deeper KidMin that hosts an online marketplace where leaders like you and me are already sharing/selling the resources they’ve found successful in their ministries. I think other leaders would LOVE your resources too!

Check out the site as a whole here.

Check out details on sharing your resources + get the process started here.

Let me know if you have any questions and if this is something you’d be interested in pursuing! I’d love to connect you with Brittany, the creator of Deeper KidMin, who can help you figure out the next steps!

If you have any questions, let me know! Thanks!

(your name)

First Steps Template

Copy and paste the email template below to send the first steps of becoming a DKM Marketplace Vendor to your friend after they’ve expressed interest in joining!

Hey (friend’s name)

I’m so excited that you’re interested in joining the DKM Marketplace team as a Vendor! Here are a few things to look through and consider as you pray about this opportunity….

1) Read over the Vendor Expectations and make sure you’re good with them all. Especially be sure to read through the Statement of Beliefs and core values.
2) Review the submission guidelines outlined on the site. Depending on the type of resource, you may need the teaching submission guidelines, the leadership/admin submission guidelines, or the games and media submission guidelines. We also have templates available for teaching submissions on the middle of this page.
3) If you still have more questions, the FAQs page is really helpful, and please feel free to ask me any questions you have too! I’d be happy to help.

If you have any questions about it, let me know! And if/when you’re ready to jump in, I’ll send an intro email to you and Brittany so you two can connect.


(your name)

Introduction Email Template

Use this email to introduce me to your friend who you think would make a great DKM Marketplace Vendor, and I’ll take it from there!

Hi Brittany and (friend’s name),

I wanted to connect the two of you because I think (friend’s name) would be a great Vendor for Deeper KidMin! (then tell me why/give a shout out to a resource they’ve made that you love/how you know them)


(your name)