Are you looking for someone to speak at your next children’s ministry event? Teach engaging lessons at a special event or VBS? Train volunteers and leaders? Connect with Brittany, the creator and founder of Deeper KidMin, to consider training sessions on topics like:

Every Child is a Story Yet to Be Told

Hebrews 12:2 tells us that Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith. He is weaving together our stories of faith and writing out the plans He has for us. Just as God is doing that for us as adults, He is doing that for the children we have the privilege of serving and leading in children’s ministry. You/your volunteers get to be the characters in a child’s story who build faith resilience so that as kids grow up, they don’t just know about God, but they know God. This session encourages and equips your volunteers to be the characters in a child’s faith story that leads to life-long impact. 

KidMin Admin

Administration provides the solid framework in which your ministry functions, and without it, things crumble. Whether administration is your spiritual gift or your worst nightmare, this session talks about tools and ideas to help you rock the administrative aspect of your role as a ministry leader. 

PIE Your Volunteers in the Face With Effective Volunteer Training

It’s not enough to recruit a rock star team of volunteers. We have to train them too! Effective volunteer training will prepare, inspire, and equip your team for success, and this breakout session covers practical ideas for implementing those strategies in a variety of training settings.

The Family Ministry Spectrum

Rather than being one cookie-cutter style, family ministry actually includes a full spectrum of models. This session encourages you to identify the model of family ministry within your context, understand the parents in your care, and equip you to strengthen the family ministry you’re entrusted to lead.

Including (Not Just Occupying) Kids in a Family Service

When we invite kids to participate in an intergenerational service, we remind them that they are part of the church now, not just in the future. But what does that look like practically? This session covers strategies and ideas for including, not just occupying, kids in a family worship service.

First First Impression: Your Online Presence

That title wasn’t a typo. There’s a new first impression that visitors have of your ministry, and they see it before they even walk through your doors: your online presence. This session discusses ideas for evaluating your website as well as shares social media strategies that improve engagement and reach to help you make the best first impression.

Student/Youth Volunteer Training

(geared toward middle and high school students) As a middle/high school student, you have a unique opportunity to engage with kids as you serve in children’s ministry. In this breakout session, we explore the WHY behind your serving and talk about ways you can more effectively lead kids.

Engaging Littles According to How They are Developmentally Wired

Knowing and understanding how nursery and preschool children are uniquely wired for learning and relationships helps us be more effective in our presentation of Biblical truths and allows us to combine theology and scientific theory to create the most well-rounded approach to ministry and sharing the gospel with littles. In this session, we explore key developmental characteristics of our ministry’s youngest members and share ideas on how to reach them.

Teaching with Station Rotations

Most curriculums offer a large-group, small-group format for Sunday mornings, but as a mobile church with limited time, space, and resources for creating an exciting environment, I had to come up with a way to make our mornings more engaging for kids: station rotations! Rather than small groups completing all of the activities in one place, small groups rotate between the activities set up as stations. Each station is designed to cater to a different learning style and to allow children to use a different part of their brain to interact with the Bible story/main lesson. In this training, we talk about the 4 main stations, how they engage different learners, and how you can adapt any curriculum to the stations format.

And so much more!

Brittany has also spoken at VBS and children’s ministry events for churches and as a keynote speaker at ministry conferences. Don’t see a subject here but want to bring Brittany in to speak? Fill out the form below to connect with Brittany and start the conversation about what that might look like for you.

Brittany’s trainings in these topics and others have been used at national ministry conferences (like KidMin Nation MegaCon and INCM’s Children’s Pastors Conference), at local denominational conferences, and for online Bible conferences, webinars, and podcasts.

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