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Kids need leaders who use engaging, creative resources that grow kids deeper in their faith. But that doesn’t mean you as a children’s ministry leader have to figure it out all by yourself. Deeper KidMin is an online hub of creative resources made FOR children’s ministry leaders BY children’s ministry leaders that help you grow kids deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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“Thanks for providing such great ideas! The kids had a blast!” – Jessa in TX

“You blessed me!” – Jessica in NE

“You are a ROCKSTAR of ideas.” – Tina in NC

“Thank you for all your help. I have greatly enjoyed your page!” – Jess in GA

“Your ideas are great, and they are simply encouraging to me as I look for ways to give children ways to truly connect with the Spirit, not just learn more facts about the Bible. Thanks for what you do! It is actually unique and needed.” – Heidi in GA

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