Jesus Heals A Woman and A Girl – Adapted Bible Books

Use adapted books to teach the story of  Jesus Heals A Woman and A Girl to children with special needs.


Help all of the children in your ministry understand and engage with the story of Jesus Heals A Woman and A Girl (Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56)! Made for special needs ministry, Adapted Bible Books are designed for children with special needs, particularly children with language disorders.

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  • Children with language disorders co-occurring with autism, Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities, or other disabilities.
  • Children who need visuals for true understanding of concepts.
  • Children who need visuals to participate and stay engaged in the lesson.
  • Directors, who can provide direct instruction to volunteers. (Yes, the books take time to put together. Once laminated on cardstock, they will last for years!)
  • Volunteers, who can use materials that will help them teach the children.


  • Two ways to present the Bible story. Children can match or find the pictures. The matching version is good for introducing the story and for children who need visuals. Finding the picture is more of a challenge and works well with children who are familiar with the story.
  • Simplified and repetitive language to target true understanding of Bible stories. Did you know it takes 40+ repetitions for children with language disorders to truly learn concepts? The adapted books help get some repetitions in.
  • Better participation in the lesson. The adapted books give children a way to participate in Bible lessons. As a volunteer reads the story, the child moves a picture to a page in the book. This works well for children who have difficulty staying focused. Having children actively participate in the lesson with visuals helps them stay engaged, which leads to understanding and learning.
  • Adapted books that are created by an SLP (speech-language pathologist) with 28 years of experience in the schools and 5 years in special needs ministry. The books are all tested by children, staff, and volunteers before reaching “final” status.

This download includes:

  • Jesus Heals A Woman and A Girl Adapted Bible Book Matching version (PDF)
  • Jesus Heals A Woman and A Girl Adapted Bible Book Find the Picture version (PDF)
  • Instructions for assembly and tips/ideas for use (PDF)

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