Stephanie Rhyne
Stephanie Rhyne

Stephanie Rhyne

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There’s a few big things I believe about kids…

1.  Kids love to have fun!

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t?  If that is true, then what if we gave kids FUN as they grow deeper in their faith and learn about the God who loves them like crazy? What would it look like if learning about Jesus had kids begging to know more?  Now, that sounds FUN to me!

2.  Kids can go deeper in their faith than we think they can.

Kids learn and understand what they are given.  If they are given simple, they learn simple.  If they are given complex, they learn complex.  So wouldn’t the same be true about their faith?   Kids want to know Jesus.  They just need to be given the opportunity to go deeper.

As a Kids Pastor for 14+ years, my heart’s deepest passion is to see kids’ faith TAKE OFF like a rocket ship.  I want kids to KNOW Christ and understand what it means to follow Him.  I want kids to know how to share their faith.  I want kids to grow to be biblically literate teenagers and adults.

As you use these resources, I pray they will inspire you to have a blast with kids as you lead them in their love relationship with Jesus Christ.