Little Shoots Deep Roots
Little Shoots Deep Roots

Little Shoots Deep Roots

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I believe that EVERY Christian parent can confidently nurture deep faith roots in their kids through tiny habits that add up over time.

I believe that all parents are called to share the love of Jesus with their kids. I also believe that the easiest way to do this is to cultivate tiny, consistent habits that add up over time. These tiny habits will grow like roots in families,  and they allow parents to be more creative and go deeper with their kids as they develop confidence in God’s faithfulness and in their leadership skills.

When my kids were little, I desperately wanted to nurture deep faith roots in their lives, but I couldn’t find the right tools. I flitted from creative idea to devotional book to the next big idea, but I had no routines. I never got past day 5 of a devotional book, I couldn’t remember to pray for my kids at night, and I felt like a failure.

I was the Children’s Ministry Director at my church and I couldn’t even figure out how to teach my own kids about God consistently! Deep down, I wanted my husband to simply take over and be the spiritual leader so I wouldn’t have to change, but I learned early on in our marriage that he wanted to leave the direct teaching to me.

Little by little, I began to recognize the power of tiny little faith habits in our lives. I learned how to tuck in a 30-second prayer at bedtime and was delighted when that tiny habit eventually led to a robust nightly conversation about faith. I researched habit formation and found a way to make morning devotional time a habit for us.

Through it all, I discovered that tiny little faith habits are the best tools for growing deep faith roots in my family. They provided the structure we needed, freeing me up to get creative and have fun.

I finally tuned out the voices telling me that I had to do big things in order for my family to thrive spiritually, and I learned to trust in God’s calling on my life as the spiritual leader of my children.

We still have a lot to learn, but by God’s grace, we are growing roots that will last.

I believe that when families use the resources I provide here on Deeper Kidmin, as well as my physical books, all parents can lead their kids spiritually through little faith habits…without feeling like they have to know it all or do it all.