Thanks for joining me at my First First Impression: Your Online Presence breakout session! Below you’ll find links to the free downloads I mentioned and even a few additional resources. Have more questions? Email me at

4 Questions to Evaluate Your Website: 

  1. Is your website updated?
  2. Is important information easy to find?
  3. Is your website easy to use?
  4. Does your website communicate your vision?

Social Media Strategies:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be where your people are
  3. Be real 
  4. Be consistent
  5. Be present

Sample Media Consent clause to add to your ministry registration forms:

I hereby grant permission to (church or ministry name) the right to take, use, reproduce, and/or distribute photographs, films, video, and sound recordings of my child, without compensation or approval rights, for use in materials created for purposes of promoting the activities of (church or ministry name).

Looking for more resources and links about your online presence? Check out some of these: 

Want to go even deeper into the world of social media for your children’s ministry? Check out our brand new online training: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Social Ministry Strategy for your KidMin. Learn more about this 7-part training here.