Salvation Decision Card

Use this Salvation Decision Card to supplement your gospel presentation and keep track of how kids respond!


This Salvation Decision Card is a great supplemental resource to presenting the gospel to children and helps you keep track of how kids respond so you can follow up accordingly. There are two versions of this resource – one that uses statements about baptism and one that does not. This way, protestant churches of all denominations can utilize this resource!

Use this Salvation Decision Card to help kids understand the different spiritual decisions and a starting point for counseling. It’s a great way to keep track of an important faith milestone. It can be utilized in any event or gathering that presents the gospel: VBS, camp, Sunday School, midweek programming, and more!

This download includes: 

  • 2-per page PDF of both versions
  • JPG of both versions for professional printing
  • Start Here Document (PDF)


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