Use these games to add some fun & competition to your back-to-school event or lesson!

Lunch Box Race

Supplies: 3 empty lunchboxes (or brown paper bags), four lunch items per lunchbox

Set out three empty lunchboxes on one side of the stage and three piles of lunch supplies on the other. Each pile can have 4 lunch items, such as a pudding cup, a banana (or orange), a piece of bread, and a small bag of chips. Choose three students to race from their piles to the empty lunch boxes with one item at a time and see who can fill the lunchbox first. Just before they start, tell them they can’t use their hands to complete the challenge! They can use their mouths, feet, elbows, or any other body parts.


Backpack Waddle

Supplies: 3 backpacks

Split the kids into three equal teams and have each team line up on one side of the room with a backpack. Have them put the backpack straps on their legs and waddle to the other side of the room without letting the backpack fall to the floor. When they get to the other wall, they can run back and give the backpack to the next person in line. The first team to finish the race, wins.


Apple Stack

Supplies: 10 apples

Set out ten apples, and call up two students to play the game. Give them 60 seconds and see which student can stack five apples on top of each other and have them stay standing for three seconds.

These games came from Best Year Ever, an 80-minute back-to-school lesson that teaches kids to seek God’s wisdom. See what else this lesson has to offer here.

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