Squeaky Clean Easter Sample Lesson

Sample lesson from the full Squeaky Clean Easter unit that reminds kids only Jesus can wash away our sin and make us Squeaky Clean again.


This Easter, help kids understand that only Jesus can wash away our sin and make us squeaky clean again! 

This sample lesson from the Squeaky Clean Easter unit uses rubber ducks and bubbles to remind kids of the power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. By looking at 1 John 1:9 and using pixie sticks, syrup, and more, children learn that even though sin might taste good at first, it eventually leaves us in a sticky mess that we can’t get out of by ourselves.

Use this lesson as the introductory lesson to the Squeaky Clean Easter unit or adapt as a stand-alone Easter Sunday lesson.

Download includes:

  • Preschool & Elementary Lessons (which include fun games and activities like this one)
  • Worship Recommendations
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Small Group Model OR Station Rotation Model
  • Social Media Graphics
  • ALL the Printables
  • Take-Home Guide to keep the fun going even after church

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