Want a fun, large-group game to help kids learn a healthy reaction to sin? Give this one a try!

I used it as an opening game for the Squeaky Clean Sunday lesson, and it helps set the stage for the full 4-week Squeaky Clean Easter unit!


  1. Print several copies of the “Sin Signs” Printable that comes with the download.
  2. Give these signs to your volunteer leaders before service starts, and help them coordinate an order to hold up their signs.


  1. Play music and invite the children to mingle/move/dance around the room.
  2. Cut the music off randomly, and one leader will hold up their sin sign.
  3. Children should flee as fast as they can from the leader holding the sin sign. (In the Squeaky Clean version, kids run away from the sin signs and to the rubber ducks!)
  4. Continue playing as time allows, or until all leaders have held up their sin sign.

Tie It In:

  • Say: As we introduce our Easter unit today, this game can help us remember to stay far away from sin! We sin anytime we choose our way instead of God’s way. We’ll talk more about why we should flee from sin later.

Want to see how this game fits into a full lesson?

Check out the free Squeaky Clean Sample Lesson!

This free sample lesson introduces a full 4-week Easter unit that helps kids learn only Jesus can wash away our sin and make us squeaky clean again!

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