If you’re putting on an Easter Egg Hunt but need to cut back on your budget, try one of these cost-saving ideas!

  • Ask church members to donate pre-filled eggs.
  • Reuse eggs year to year. After the egg hunt, have kids empty the eggs and keep the candy, then collect eggs to reuse for the next year. OR don’t stuff the eggs to begin with, and have kids turn in their empty eggs for a goody bag of candy.
  • Rather than handing out food such as cotton candy, popcorn, etc., see if local food trucks would be willing to come set up at your event.
  • Combine your egg hunt with another local church to help save money.
  • Shop at your local dollar store for eggs and prizes.
  • Limit kids to 20 eggs a piece (or fewer).
  • Shop the day(s) after Easter for next year’s event.
  • Buy prizes/trinkets rather than using candy.
  • Ask an adult class to sponsor a child for the egg hunt. Calculate the cost of your total egg hunt, then divide it by the number of kids that attend. That is the approximate cost per child that you could ask for a sponsorship.

Looking for resources that will help make your egg hunt really pop this year? Check out the egg hunt resources below!

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