As we head back to school (online or in-person), it’s the perfect opportunity to honor the teachers and educators in our churches. Below are some video + post ideas to use in your Sunday service and/or to post on your ministry social media accounts to remind your educators how much they are appreciated.

On-stage or email script: Thank you, educators! You’ve put so much time, energy, and love into figuring out the school year ahead. We are grateful for you, and we are praying for your school year.

This video from Google is so fun and so perfectly captures digital learning, and the description in the video includes the perfect lead-in for your on-stage or email announcement. It says, “Recent Google Trends Data shows a rapid increase in education-related queries in 2020. From “how to teach from home” to “when can we go back to school” to “how do teachers do it,” these all-time-high trends tell the story of a renewed appreciation for educators all over the world.” Then just finish/transition with “And now we’d like to take a moment to celebrate our educators…”

Who better to tell teachers how great they are than a cute kid? This video from Kid Explorer is short, sweet, and relevant. Use this video to remind teachers that they are both heroes AND hero makers!

This graphic video thanks teachers for all of the specific and inspirational things they do for us. It’s beautiful, fun, and only about 30 seconds long. If you have the capabilities, you could even add in slides with pictures of the educators in your church after the video!

OK, OK, so this one isn’t a video. BUT it’s a great way to send your educators a little something in the mail, and it’s customizable! Let the school teachers and staff in your church know that you are praying for them this school year using this graphic! This back-to-school design is created as an 18×24 printable, but can be printed as any size. Just make adjustments in size if printing from your computer.

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  1. […] Kids have a lot of feelings as the school year begins in the midst of COVID-19. They may be feeling frustrated, excited, scared, angry, or all of the above. Use this free printable to help kids process their feelings, share them with the Lord, and ask Him for the peace only He can give. (Psst! Educators could probably use some encouragement too! Check out some free educator appreciation video ideas here!) […]

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