Earlier in the week, we talked about important elements of teaching fasting to kids, so here’s an activity to help kids learn that fasting is a way for us to give up something so God can fill us up.


  • 2 paper/plastic solo cups per child
  • 1 copy of the Give Up/Fill Up slips per child
  • Scissors
  • Markers (to label the cups)

Here’s how it works:

Give each kid two plastic cups; one labeled “GIVE UP” and one labeled “FILL UP” and a set of “Give Up, Fill Up” strips. Give them scissors and have them cut their strips apart.

Tell them to put the “Give up” strips in the Give Up cup and the “Fill up” strips in the Fill Up cup.

Say: You can take these cups home and do your own fast for one week (or however long you want). All you do is draw one strip of paper from each cup every day. One of the cups has something you will give up. But fasting isn’t only about giving things up; it’s about filling that space with something you do to fill up with God. So the other cup has something you can do to fill up with God and grow closer to Him.

This printable and activity are an excerpt from the 75-minute lesson Fasting for Kids. It’s the perfect lesson for when you’re doing a church-wide fast or wanting to teach kids about the spiritual discipline of fasting. Learn more about this lesson here.

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