Use this heart paper airplane craft to take your February/Valentine Lesson to new heights! It’s a craft the boys in your ministry will actually WANT to make.

Supplies: Heart Paper Airplane Folding Instructions, Heart Paper Airplane Pattern (printed on colored or white paper)

Prep: Print several copies of the Heart Paper Airplane Folding Instructions on white paper. Print several copies (at least 1 per child) of the Heart Paper Airplane Pattern. Print the pattern on colored paper or on white paper and invite kids to decorate their heart paper airplane. They’ll need to cut it out and decorate both sides if printing on white.

Details: Kids will cut out and decorate a heart paper airplane printable, then follow the instructions to fold it and let it fly! You could also provide a spot where kids can have contests to see whose paper airplane will fly the furthest, highest, etc.

This craft is one of the 6 crafts included in the Parents’ Night Out: Valentine Edition Resource! Learn more about hosting this even your whole church will love here.

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