I’m an avid reader, and reading is one of my favorite ways to learn about ministry and leadership! Now that I’ve completed my seminary degree (woop woop!) I’ve got even more time to read books of my own choosing, so here are the kidmin/leadership books (in no particular order) I’m hoping to read in 2020, with one book for each month! What’s on your reading list for this year?

Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions Burnout is such a problem in ministry, and especially in children’s ministry. I’m hoping this book will provide insights for long-term ministry that stays healthy for both the church and the leader. Learn more here

Postmodern Children’s Ministry: Ministry to Children in the 21st Century Church This book came out in 2004, so it might already be a little outdated, but as children continue to change, we as leaders have to figure out how to reach kids in new and innovative ways. Though our message of Jesus will never change, the way we present that message and the way we “do” church may have to. Learn more here

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action I’ve been a fan of the author, Simon Sinek, for a few years now, and while I enjoy his emails, blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts, I’ve never read any of his books! Can’t wait to dig into this one. Learn more here

The Checklist Manifesto – This books speaks to my Type-A, administrative soul on a deep level. The main idea: “the volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded our ability as individuals to properly deliver it to people” and the solution is the simple checklist. Prepare to see checklists start showing up everywhere as I read this one! 🙂 Learn more here

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – This book was one of my textbooks throughout my seminary program, but I only got to read a chapter here and a chapter there. I want to dive back into this book, read it through, and spend time digesting and applying its thoughts rather than merely looking for what to discuss in an assignment. Learn more here

Like Ice Cream: The Scoop on Helping the Next Generation Fall in Love with God’s WordConfession: I’ve had this book on my to-read list for 3-4 years now, but it always got pushed aside for school reading or other books. I’m determined to read it this year (it’s such a short book anyway) and learn practical steps for families and leaders to help kids fall in love with the Bible. Learn more here

Simplify: 10 Practices to Unclutter Your SoulThis book goes beyond just cleaning out your closets and cupboards to focus on being intentional with activities that refresh, not drain, our souls. Bestselling author Bill Hybels “identifies the core issues that lure us into frenetic living―and offers practical steps for sweeping the clutter from our souls.” Learn more here

Learning to Lead Like Jesus: 11 Principles to Help You Serve, Inspire, and Equip Others – Jesus was a great leader because he served others and empowered them to lead as well. As I’m learning more about leadership, why not look to the one who did it best? Learn more here

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time – As an introvert, sometimes I struggle with making relationships a priority, so I’m hoping this book will help me form habits and push me out of my comfort zones as I make connections with others. Learn more here

The Family Board Meeting: You Have 18 Summers to Create Lasting Connection with Your Children – My friend Joy Canupp sent me this book when we announced our pregnancy, and as a ministry leader, it sounds like it will be helpful for busy families and being intentional even in the midst of the busy-ness. Can’t wait to read about the “three simple steps to create a lasting connection with your children” for myself and for the families I serve. Learn more here

Shepherding a Child’s HeartI’m reading this one for myself as I become a mom in February 2020. I’ve had several mom and ministry friends recommend it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what “fresh biblical approaches to child rearing” it offers. Learn more here

Why I Believe in Santa Claus: The man. The message. The Master. – No matter what your personal stance is on the jolly old elf with a bowl full of jelly, you’ll probably encounter a conversation about him at some point in children’s ministry. This book explores the life of St. Nicholas and how he promoted a spirit of generosity and giving, all while pointing to the ultimate gift of Jesus. I can’t wait to read it! Learn more here


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