🎵 “Last Christmas, we shared these ideas & freebies, but some of you weren’t here. This year, to save you some time, I’m bringing them back in case you missed them.” 🎵

Ok, so maybe those aren’t the lyrics, but it’s true! (And you already have my heart anyway, kidmin leader.) Here are our top posts and freebies from Last Christmas!

Keeping Christ in Christmas (Without Overwhelming Families)

I’m excited to share some thoughts from Christie Thomas, author and one of our DKM Vendors! Here’s what she has to say about keeping Christ in Christmas at Home (without overwhelming families).

Help Families “Treasure These Things in Their Hearts” This Advent Season

After Jesus was born, the Bible tells us Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). As children’s ministry leaders, that’s what we want families to do too, right? Remember Jesus and His birth and the events that took place during that first Christmas. To store up all these things in their hearts, commit them to memory, and thank God for Jesus every day, not just at Christmastime. See more of this excerpt from the family devotion included in the Family Advent Calendar Kit here.

Christmas Shoppe Community Outreach Event

Looking for a way to serve and connect with your community this Christmas season? Ashley, a kidmin leader in LA shared with me about a special Christmas Shoppe event his church puts on every year, where his church provides a Christmas shopping experience to needy families in the area. Learn about the event here!

What Live Christmas Trees Remind Us About Children’s Ministry

Our live Christmas tree twinkles in the corner of our living room, and it’s got me thinking about our calling to serve kids and families. As we head into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I hope these reminders bring you encouragement, hope, and energy as you make the final preparations for some of the biggest services of the year. Read what live Christmas trees remind us about children’s ministry here.

Happy Birthday Jesus Printable Banner

Share this colorable printable with the families in your ministry to help them decorate for a special birthday party for Jesus this Christmas! Or use the banner in your ministry setting for a special Christmas event/service or a regular Sunday morning. Just print, color, cut, and string up! DKM Subscribers can download it here.

Nativity Trail Mix

Everyone loves snacks, especially around the holidays, so why not share a special snack with your kids and families that reminds them of the nativity? This Nativity Trail Mix recipe and guide provides families with a fun, simple, and tasty way to remember the reason for the season all December long. Make it for them and send it home in goody bags at one of your Christmas events, or send home the printable with families and encourage them to make the snack at home together! DKM Subscribers can download it here!

Christmas Shoppe Community Event Details & Documents

We shared an overview of the Christmas Shoppe event on the blog here, but Ashley (the leader behind the event) also agreed to share some of the documents, plans, and details for hosting a Christmas Shoppe event as a free download for our subscribers! DKM Subscribers can find the vision/overview, invite printables, applications, tags, expectations, and more here.

Free Christmas Puzzles Printables

Use these fun Christmas puzzles in your ministry this Christmas season! They’re perfect as early-arriver activities, time-fillers, or even as part of your Christmas Eve services! This free Christmas download includes four Sudoku puzzles and four Color by Numbers to reveal a picture. The answer keys are also included. Everyone can download them for free here!

Looking for some jolly Christmas resources for your kidmin? Browse our 2023 Christmas Catalog here

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For those of you who now have the 80s Christmas song stuck in your head, you’re welcome. 🙂 

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