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  1. Hi Brittany! Thanks for the shout out. I love reading your blog! Thanks for the helpful printables and great information and encouragement. Keep up the great work!

  2. I am in the first season of Kids ministry and I am so excited and having a hard time keeping the first things first. I would like to double the children we presently have within six months and I plan on doing that by making a connection with the parents. I realize that no matter how much the children want to come its the parents who bring them. I developing relationships with the families and building my team of volunteers. I am enjoying Deeper Kidmin and using these resources to help me.

  3. One of my goals for this year is to be more intentional in building/training up young leaders. I will accomplish this by partnering young leaders with adult leaders/mentors and creating specific opportunities for them to lead. The first opportunity is with our children’s church where one student leader and one adult will lead a month of lessons/worship. The student leader will have the opportunity to lead music, a lesson, and/or activity while under adult supervision and guidance.

  4. I’m rather new at my current church (one whole month!) but I’ve been in ministry for about 10 years. I’ve set many goals for myself this year, but the one I’m focusing on is getting to know the existing programs & leaders then evaluate them. Are they working, is this the best place for this person, etc.

  5. One of my goals for ministry this year is to delegate the things that I shouldn’t be doing so I can do the things I need to be doing. I will accomplish this by asking for help from my current volunteers as well as talking to others in our church who are looking for a way to serve.

  6. My ministry goal is to re-evaluate, recharge and renew. I’ll accomplish it by going on a 12-week Sabbatical starting in May.

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