I just recently started working part-time with a company called Displayit at Church that offers displays, banners, portable check-in counters, and more for churches to use in their ministry endeavors. We used Displayit at Church products to help transform a local high school into a church each Sunday, and now I have the opportunity to be on the team that makes that a reality for other churches too! Last week, I made a video for Displayit at Church giving kidmin leaders tips for making their environments welcoming for kids, and I thought I’d share those tips here too.

So if you want to make sure that your environment is exciting and welcoming for kids…

1) Use lots of bright colors! Let your displays communicate to kids how much fun they’re going to have with you in your program. Bright, bold colors pique kids’ interest and make them want to find out more.



2) Use fonts kids can read easily. That means avoiding script or cursive fonts. I know we all grew up having to practice our cursive, but most schools aren’t even teaching kids cursive anymore, and many kids have a difficult time reading anything written in a script font. (Even my high-school-aged little sister needs help deciphering cursive handwriting.)



3) Make sure your signage is easy to see so parents know where to go. Kids can’t join you in your ministry if they’re parents don’t know where to bring them. Make sure your signage is placed in visible common areas for parents to see.

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  1. […] 2) How to transform a space – Mobile churches have the difficult task of taking an often secular space and transforming it into a place where people can encounter God.  The mobile church I worked at met in a local high school, which meant the kids’ area was in the chorus, orchestra, theatre, and ROTC rooms. The kids loved the giant planes hanging from the ceiling in the ROTC room, but we had to get creative with making the orchestra room a safe place for our nursery (giant cellos everywhere). Mobile churches have to think intentionally about their spaces to ensure the best overall experience, so take a cue from mobile churches and constantly examine what your space communicates to the people who attend and visit your church. (Psst – read about three tips for making your space welcoming for kids here). […]

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