Want to host an easy family event that takes little preparation and planning on your part? Head to the movies! Just pick a movie, date, time, and theater, then communicate those details with your families. (Psst – check out a review of the movie on one of these sites to make sure it’s appropriate for your families!)

Because it’s a family event, parents attend with their children, and you don’t have to worry about chaperones, drivers, or anything but getting yourself to the theater.

Incredibles 2 is coming out June 15, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try this out!

It’s a win-win for everyone! Families have an activity to take their kids to, parents and children get to interact and bond outside of Sunday mornings, you get to continue building relationships and memories, and you all get to see a fun movie!

Just print off this week’s free download, write in your details, and hand them out to families. For an extra dose of fun and a little treat, attach the sheet to individual bags of popcorn.

If seeing Incredibles 2 doesn’t work for your schedule, the second page includes a generic version to use whenever you want.

Want other summer activities for families? Check out the Beat the Summer Boredom July Bucket List you can customize for the families in your ministry.

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