Brain Dump Activity

A 4-step exercise to reduce stress and maximize productivity

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Anyone else feeling just a *bit* overwhelmed lately?  😅 🙋 Me too. Sometimes it’s just all so overwhelming, you don’t even know where to start. That’s why I love brain dumps.

What is a brain dump? I learned about brain dumps from my friend and leadership coach Joy Canupp, and a brain dump is exactly what it sounds like: dumping the contents of your mind out onto paper to clear out the mental clutter and give you the clarity to move forward. A brain dump is effective because it allows you to calm the whirling tornado of thoughts and bring them to a more manageable level. Brain dumps help prevent the endless cycle of worry or nagging ideas because when you take an abstract thought and write it down on paper, you can see it, address it, and even leave it there if you need to move on to something else and come back to it later.

Use this free printable to give it a try and do your own brain dump! This 4-step exercise can be applied to a specific event or project, your overall ministry, or life in general to help you reduce stress and maximize productivity. Practice a brain dump for yourself, clear the mental clutter, and gain clarity on how to move forward in your life and your ministry.

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  • PDF Printable Activity Guide for completing your own brain dump

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    Great packet to walk through the brain dumping process and to “sort out” your thoughts! I know I will use this again, thanks!

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