Fishes and Loaves Kids Service Project

Kids serve kids with the easy, meal-prep service project for all ages.

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Each November, we host a service project called Fishes and Loaves where our children prepare freezer meals for foster families. We partner with the 111 Project, but this is an easy service project you could do with your ministry too, no matter where the meals go! (Hint: Check with your Care/Hospitality Team; they’re always looking for meals to bless someone with!) Check this out to see a Fishes and Loaves in action.

How it works:

  • Collect offering from kids church for a few months, or use money from a designated missions budget.
  • Use that money to buy the ingredients yourself. (Use a recipe converter to multiply the number of ingredients you’ll need based on how many meals you’ll make.)
  • Invite children and their parents to the service project, then divide the kids into groups of 2-3 and (with an adult), let them get to work making their recipes!
  • Freeze the meals immediately and give them to your care team or other ministry partner.
  • It’s that easy! In just an hour and a half, 8 kids can prepare 9 freezer meals for families in need. I love it when kids serve kids!

This free download includes:

  • Recipes for all ages (even the kindergarteners)
  • Instructions for prepping and promoting the event
  • Detailed schedule of the time with discussion questions
  • Recipe labels to put on the freezer meals

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process (no credit card required since this lesson is available for free).


Other tips:

  • Plastic tablecloths are your friends. Use them on all of the tables for this service project to protect your tables and make clean-up super easy.
  • As kids put the ingredients in gallon-size bags, we found that putting the bags in small trashcans helps hold the bags upright and prevents spills. Use one small trashcan per group.
  • Put labels on all of the bags that have the ingredients as well as cooking instructions for the families. Put these labels on the gallon bags FIRST.
  • Use this not just as a service opportunity but a learning opportunity too! Teach kids about kitchen skills, foster care, or poverty.
  • It can be fun to make one of the recipes ahead of time and let the kids taste-test their work at the end of the service project.

2 reviews for Fishes and Loaves Kids Service Project

  1. (verified owner)

    There are ten recipes included and they are popular with kids and adults. We are planning a Service Day and preparing these recipes will be one of the options. I love that they come with tags to print and attach to the product so the recipient can easily finish the recipe in their home and have a ready-made meal.

    We are also going to fix one here as we work for the kids and their families to enjoy.

    Cindy Thomas

  2. Evelyn McKinnis (verified owner)

    We just did this service project in our kids ministry and it was a huge hit! The parents and kids had a great time and the families receiving the meals were so incredibly thankful! We are planning to continue doing this project periodically because we enjoyed it so much. I highly recommend it!

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