Empty: Easter Escape Room

Kids step back in time as the disciples to figure out what happened to Jesus’ body in the empty tomb.

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This 35-minute escape room activity will ensure that your group has an Easter experience they will not soon forget.

An escape room is an adventure game where a group solves a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, strategy, and hints. Players have a set time limit to find the item in question and/or escape the room they are in.

This escape room is designed for your group to be transported back into Biblical times, and they are pretending that they are inside Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning. Imagine the shock of the disciples as they get to the tomb and discover that Jesus’ body is gone! What happened to it? Where did it go? The disciples had not yet figured out that Jesus had risen from the dead, and they were devastated that his body had been stolen.

By finding clues, solving puzzles, and uncovering hints, your group will discover that Jesus’ body was not stolen, but Jesus had risen from the dead (just as he said.)! If your group works hard, works quickly, and works together, they will get to hold up the winner cards with pride at the end because they will beat the clock and discover that our Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

This download includes:

  • Full set-up and game-play instructions (Word document)
  • Option to create 2 simultaneous paths so more kids can participate at one time
  • Printables and instructions for all ciphers, clues, and puzzles (PDFs)
  • Event graphics

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process. Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.

8 reviews for Empty: Easter Escape Room

  1. Chris Landfried (verified owner)

    I did this Escape room with my 2-3rd grade class on Easter Sunday a couple years ago. I was a HUGE hit! The kids and I had a blast. I have a larger class of 10 children, so I created an additional 3rd path (using this program as my guide) so I could group the children into smaller groups of 3. I asked older students to accompany each group and help them along if needed. I’d never done something like this before and wanted to be sure I wasn’t giving the class an experience that was too hard for them to figure out or “over their heads”. I spent a couple days gathering everything needed to do it. It did take me a while to create my own 3rd path. I’m sure had I only used the two paths found in this program it would have gone much faster. The morning of Easter, it took me around an hour to set up the classroom with all the clues and items. The kids all finished around the same time an it took them about 45 minutes to complete the entire Escape Room. I looked at over 10 Escape Rooms and decided on this one, because of ease of use and adaptability. And the price is amazing! Many we MUCH more costly. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing this Escape Room!

  2. Sharon Corzine (verified owner)

    I ordered the Easter Empty Tomb Escape Room. It’s great. We are planning to use on Easter Sunday with our family after lunch. We will make a few tweaks because of the varying ages of our group. It sounds like so much fun and the kids especially like solving the codes and clues. It’s a great way to keep the true meaning of Easter in everyone’s minds while having fun with the clues. We have a lot of the materials that are suggested for setting up the escape room. I think if you look around your home or church, you will probably find what you need or something else that will be just as good instead of spending money to buy new things.

  3. jen-8805 (verified owner)

    This escape room was a great addition to Easter at our church. It was a HUGE attraction, and so much fun. It was easy to set up and the kids loved being able to figure out the clues. We had three services so we kept the time and told the next group of kids the time to beat. Great resource at a great price!!

  4. Lisa Rodin (verified owner)

    I set up this Escape Room for my kids at home, they are 5 yrs and 7 yrs (almost 8) and it was so much fun! It did take a significant amount of time to set everything up, but it was well worth the effort. My 7 year old was tasked with much of the puzzling/logic and they did need some hints along the way, but the 5 year old had fun searching for further clues/hint cards when he wasn’t able to help with a puzzle. I had most of the supplies on hand already and spent less than $20 on additional items. I highly recommend this activity for home or church group!

  5. Barbara Heffner (verified owner)

    I did this for my adult children and they loved it. It made our Easter celebration much more fun! Please note it does take a lot of prep work. By the time I purchased what I needed, made up the clues, and set up the path, I probably had a good 8 hours. It was well worth it though and I did enjoy putting it all together.

  6. Pat Beckwith (verified owner)

    I purchased this to use with my Grandchildren on Easter. Two of them are not familiar with the gospel and I hoped this would at least expose them to the Word. I have set up all the clues except the last one, I have to get something I can lock with a number lock. It was fun and easy to set up. It has a clear message of what happened to Jesus. I am trusting it will raise some questions that will make it possible to present the gospel.
    I am looking forward to having the kids experience this. If they like it I will use the second path provided next year. It also inspired me to do something similar for other holidays.
    Pray they enjoy it as much as I did setting it up.

  7. vineyardkidsmke (verified owner)

    Our kids had so much fun with this! It was a great change-up from our normal Easter activities. It was SO worth the prep. It was great with a multi-aged group since there were things every age could do.

  8. kids12 (verified owner)

    Escape room was worth all the prep! What an awesome experience for just $10. I loved the team building element and that it made 35 minutes feel like 5. Thanks for making such great products available!

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