Sweet Thoughts: Candy Devotions

Candy-themed devotions for kids, families, and ministries to learn about life and God.


I hope you like sweets! From candy bars to lollipops to fireballs and all kinds of candy in between, these candy devotions will help the kids and families in your ministry learn life lessons and lessons about God.

Each devotion has a candy, main verse, devotional thought, and prayer starter. Matching verse/application cards accompany each devotion so kids can memorize the verse and complete a hands-on action to put the Scripture into practice.

This resource can be used by three different groups of people

  • Families
    • Hand these devotions out to families to encourage parents to lead their families in quiet time.
    • Your families can take these on the road! When your families are away from their home church, they can use this guide to spend time together in God’s word. (Perfect for the busy summer months when church attendance drops!)
  • KidMin Peeps
    • These devotions can be added as an object lesson to a particular lesson your group is learning.
    • These would be great for park outreach, bus stop meetings, or just getting the kids in your neighborhood together for a quick moment.
  • Children
    • Each devotion comes with a memory verse and application card. These can be cut apart and attached to the candy used in the devotion making it easy for children to remember the point of the devotion, to learn the verse or even to share the devotion with their friends.
    • Simply print out the card for the candy in the devotion and attach it to the candy for kids to remember and to use.

These devotions are meant to be fun, short and easy to lead. Choose your devotion, grab a bag of candy and have a “sweet” time!

Download includes:

  • 12 different devotions based on candy (Krackel, Twix, Peeps, Whoppers, Blow Pops, and more!)
  • Verse and Application cards for kids to memorize and apply the scripture and lesson
  • All pages in one document like a book + individual pages for easy, one-time printing
  • All files in .docx (Word document) format for easy customization.

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process. Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.


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