The Great Money Adventure Curriculum

Unique 9-week course teaching children what God thinks about money and how money works.


The Great Money Adventure is not just a curriculum; it’s a call to action. Over the course of 9 different sessions, kids will receive a step-by-step plan for creating their own businesses, and they will be inspired to use the money they make to make a difference in the world around them.

As a Christian culture, we’ve done a fairly good job of teaching children about the “dark” side of money. We have sent them a consistent “stay away” or “give away” message regarding money. It’s time that we give them the full story.

It’s time that we introduce the children in our homes and churches to a new way of thinking about money, business, and their unique part in God’s greater story. Let the Great Money Adventure begin!

BIBLE-BASED. Each and every lesson is rooted in the Scripture. This helps students see that God’s Word shapes all aspects of our life, including the way we operate a business.

FAMILY-CENTERED. Parents (at least one parent) and children will attend classes together. Whenever we talk about money and starting a business, we want parents to be a part of the conversation. And parents actually love it, because it gives them a chance to discuss some important topics they would have never brought up otherwise.

RESULTS-DRIVEN. At the end of the course, children are not required to start their own businesses, but most of them will want to do it. Armed with the new knowledge they’ve received, inspired by the special guests they’ve met and empowered by the new skills they’ve developed, they will be eager for some action.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. This course can be done on Sundays (as Sunday school elective), on weekdays (during a midweek service or in a small group context), in private schools, in home school groups, in summer camps (as a separate track), etc.

EASY. Because this is a family-centered class, you don’t need extra teachers, helpers, small group leaders to run it. One leader or two co-leaders will be more than enough. For some classes, you’ll be inviting special guests to share about their entrepreneurial journey, but as a rule, one or two people can easily lead this class. Also, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur yourself to lead this class.

Scope & Sequence:

SESSION 1: What does the Bible say about money? (Download a free sample of this lesson here.)

SESSION 2: What does it mean to be a kingdompreneur?

SESSION 3: How does money work?

SESSION 4: How do I spot new business opportunities?

SESSION 5: Which business opportunity is right for me?

SESSION 6: How does a business work?

SESSION 7: How do I generate buzz about my business?

SESSION 8: How do I price my product or service?

SESSION 9: How can the money I make improve other people’s lives?

Ideal age: 8-16

Ideal setting: Sunday morning, midweek program, small group gathering/class

This 9-week curriculum kit includes:

  • 9 Leader Guides (PDF and Word doc formats) (Download the first full session for free here!)
  • 9 Student Worksheets (PDF files)
  • Social media graphics and blurbs for promoting your course and inviting families to join you on the adventure
  • The Money Chase board game (PDF)
  • Supporting visuals, activities and links to free videos
  • Ideas for giving kids real-life opportunities to practice what they’re learning

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process. Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.


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