The Great Money Adventure – Sample Lesson

Sample lesson from the powerful Great Money Adventure Curriculum


The Great Money Adventure is not just a curriculum; it’s a call to action. This free sample lesson gives you a glimpse into one session in a series where kids will receive a step-by-step plan for creating their own businesses, and they will be inspired to use the money they make to make a difference in the world around them.

As a Christian culture, we’ve done a fairly good job of teaching children about the “dark” side of money. We have sent them a consistent “stay away” or “give away” message regarding money. It’s time that we give them the full story.

Download the full 9-session course here and help kids learn what God thinks about money and how they can use their money to glorify God and serve others.

Let the Great Money Adventure Begin!

This download includes:

  • Instructions for use
  • Leader Guide for Session 1 of the Great Money Adventure Curriculum (PDF and Word doc format)
  • Student Worksheets for Session 1 of the Great Money Adventure Curriculum

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