As parents and kids are staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic, share this fun and easy Quarantine Bingo printable with them to help give parents some fun activity ideas! Use the version I created, or use the editable PDF page to create your own with specific ideas related to your church or ministry!

It’s a fun way to stay connected with your families, especially if you encourage them to post their Quarantine Bingo pictures online with your specific ministry hashtag or by tagging your ministry page.  You could even turn this Bingo game into a challenge or contest and award prizes when we’re able to meet together in person again!

Use the version I created (page 1) or use the editable PDF (page 3) to create your own version of Quarantine Bingo for the families in your ministry! Keep these tips in mind when working with this editable PDF:

  • The editable page of this PDF document will only work in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows PC or Mac, so make sure you have this installed. Adobe Reader is free to use and you can download it here. Subscription to Adobe is not needed. The PDF will NOT be editable if you use the Adobe Reader app on mobile devices or tablets.
  • When you open the editable page (page 3), you may see grey boxes in the bingo board. Click on the grey box (or if not visible, in each of the white boxes) to type in your own ideas for the Bingo Challenge and customize the board to your ministry. When you print, the grey boxes will not show up.
  • Get creative and share details of your online ministry events! What else can you add to this Bingo challenge to give families fun ideas and the chance to stay connected?

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