You have probably heard of a bucket list (earlier in the week we talked about making a bucket list for your ministry), but have you ever encouraged kids to make one for their school year that related to their faith in God?

In this activity, kids will use the free printable and write down different things they can do to help grow their faith in God. On each clipboard is a different topic. They will use that clipboard to write down things they can do this school year to help grow their faith. After they fill it out, they can keep it in their Bible or hang it on the fridge or in their room so it will help remind them to do these things this school year.

Here are the topics for kids to consider and write down:

  • Bible Verses to Memorize
  • People to Share Jesus With
  • Ways to Serve God
  • Things to Pray For

This free printable is one of the activities in the Back-to-School Eve Family Devotional. It’s a resource designed for kids and parents to do together the night before school begins. This resource will help them pray over their school, their teacher, and their classmates, as well as create their own faith bucket list and pick their Bible verse for the year! Learn more about the full resource here.

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