Use this hands-on object lesson to show kids that we can’t separate our spiritual lives from our school lives (or any other part of our lives). It’s a great object lesson for your back-to-school season, and it encourages kids to think about including God in their everyday lives.

Supplies: Two bowls, two different colors of beans, two different colors of sand (or salt and pepper), some powdered drink mix (or a packet of Kool-Aid, or Splenda), a Cup of water, a spoon


Set out two bowls with different colored beans in each bowl (you can also do this activity in small groups). Tell the kids to dump one bowl into the other and mix them up really well. Then tell them to separate the beans again with all one color in one bowl and the other color in the other bowl.

Say: Do you think it’s possible to separate our spiritual lives, that is our relationship with God, from our school lives? Can we love God and know Him when we’re not at school, and forget about Him when we’re at school? One color of beans represents us if our faith is not strong, and the other color represents school. It was pretty easy to separate the beans this time. But let’s try this experiment again when we are closer to God.

Do the same thing, but with different colors of sand (or salt in one bowl and pepper in the other). This time, the challenge will be harder.

Say: This time it was harder to separate the sand from the other sand. But if we spent enough time, we could still do it. Sometimes, when our faith is strong and we remember to pray and include God in our school lives, it’s hard to separate our faith from the rest of our lives. But we might still get busy and forget about God sometimes. Let’s try this one more time, and this time, the water will represent us when we allow God to completely take over our lives, and the powder will represent God in us.

Dump a cup of powdered drink mix (or a packet of Kool-Aid or Splenda) into a cup of water. Mix it until it dissolves. Ask the kids to separate it. 

Say: This time, there was no way to separate it, because the powder completely changed the water! When we allow God to transform our lives, we can’t separate our faith from our school-lives, because He is a part of everything we do! That’s what having the best year ever is all about. It’s when we make God our first priority and let Him transform us.

This object lesson is one of the activities included in our Best Year Ever Lesson, an 80-minute back-to-school lesson that will help kids learn how to have the BEST YEAR EVER by teaching them to seek God for wisdom. Learn more about the full lesson here.

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