Part of effective training is teaching your volunteers about your expectations for them. But sometimes it’s hard to communicate your expectations with your volunteers. Here’s what Julia, one of our Vendors (and the creator of this week’s freebie), shared about her experience when she implemented a Volunteer Covenant as part of the application and training process:

When I started in my kidmin role nearly 5 years ago, I was struggling with how to keep volunteers accountable and communicate expectations. While many of them were members and had filled out volunteer applications, what I needed from them weekly – both in our children’s ministry and in their lives outside of it – wasn’t being clearly communicated! So, I crafted this volunteer covenant. Each of our volunteers signs this covenant before serving in children’s ministry, and it is now a part of our volunteer application.

I have been able to share this with many other kidmin leaders over the past few years, and now I’m sharing it with you!

Having a volunteer covenant has raised the game for our volunteers! It has also allowed me an “in” to speak into volunteers’ lives if there is a consistent issue – after all, they’ve already agreed to a certain standard!

This post is part of our Admin April: Volunteers series, a month full of resources, strategies, and tips for leading your volunteer team well. See the full month’s offerings and ideas here.

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