As part of the volunteer recruitment process, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to screen new volunteers and make sure they’re the right (and safest) fit for your ministry. Here’s the screening process I used in my ministry to help make sure our volunteers understand the importance and expectations of their role.

Volunteers who serve with our kids should…

Attend for 6+ Months. Serving is an important step in being part of the body of Christ. Before a volunteer steps into their role, you want to make sure that they are getting spiritually fed, getting connected, and – most importantly – desiring to serve at your church as a part of the commitment to making this church family theirs. *Requirement for lead volunteer positions only: Become a Member – Becoming a member means that they protect the unity of the church and support the church’s vision. This, in turn, protects our children and tells you that they agree with the theological framework of the church family.

Complete a Volunteer Application. All new volunteers must complete a volunteer application (download a free one here) that helps ministry leaders collect contact information, screen volunteers, and gather references.

Pass Background Checks. All new volunteers over the age of 18 must complete and pass a background check. A background check request form is included in the volunteer application, and here are the top sites children’s ministry leaders use to run the background checks on volunteers for their ministry:

Sign a Volunteer Covenant. All new volunteers must read and sign the Volunteer Covenant (like this one) that outlines the expectations and confidentiality policies for all volunteers who serve.

This post is part of our Admin April: Volunteers series, a month full of resources, strategies, and tips for leading your volunteer team well. See the full month’s offerings and ideas here.

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