As a children’s pastor, you can never have too many object lessons. Object lessons are so important for reaching kids on their level and connecting Biblical truths to everyday things. What God is Doing by Anne Marie Gosnell of Future Flying Saucers is an excellent resource for finding and implementing object lessons that will stick with your kids.

The book contains 25 different object lessons for Old Testament stories, with each lesson including 25-30 minutes worth of activities including the object lesson itself, the Bible lesson, a life application (so important), and finally a comment box for you to evaluate how the activity went so you can improve in the future. It even comes with additional resources like coloring pages, access to digital posters, tips on being a good Bible teacher, and more.

Use this book sporadically or use the lessons in order. Anne Marie shares them chronologically, so if you go through the book sequentially, you’ll go through the OT in chronological order, and you’ve got half of your year covered. The beauty of using a chronological timeline is that it helps children understand God’s intentional plan leading up to Jesus. OT teachings help set the stage for our Savior, and this book can help those OT teachings stick.

My favorite lesson from the book is “Skittles, Water, and Ezra” because it takes a tough lesson many people tend to shy away from and uses candy and science to make it applicable for kids. What more could you really want?

Another thing I appreciate about the book is that most of the supplies are items you probably already have in your ministry supply closet or at home, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money gathering supplies. Your budget will thank you!

Want your own copy of What God is Doing? Order yours here!

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for sharing an honest review. Thanks to Anne Marie Gosnell of Future Flying Saucers for the opportunity.

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