When I say “worship,” pictures of waving arms, jumping, and Yancy may pop into your head. And while those are very real aspects of worship, if we let kids believe that worship is ONLY singing songs of praise to God, we’re missing the mark. 

Worship is more than just singing songs; it’s a way of life! It’s a whole-life response to God and His greatness. Sometimes that means singing praise songs, but it also means so much more. We can worship God through our actions, our words, and our songs. When we serve, we are worshiping. When talk about God to others, we are worshiping. When we spend time thinking about how awesome God is, we position ourselves into a posture of worship. Worship doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings. It’s the moments walking in between when God stirs our hearts with His presence and draws our attention to His glory. 

In one of my favorite books on the subject, The Air I Breathe, Louie Giglio talks about how we were created to worship and how living a life of worship brings true freedom and contentment. His book inspired me to write an entire Christmas series helping kids understand that true worship goes beyond our singing voices; it includes our actions too!

Why a Christmas unit on worship? When God made us, he made us to worship, and He wants us to worship Him. Our sin separates us from God, so God sent His Son Jesus to earth as a baby. At Christmas, we celebrate the beginning of our worship story. 

A Praise in a Manger uses the Christmas story to teach kids we can worship God by singing songs, telling others about Jesus, and giving gifts (of our time, our money, and our service). Learn more about this Christmas unit on worship as a whole-life response to God and His greatness here.

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