Two years ago, I decided I couldn’t be the only one inviting families to our Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt each year. But how would I involve families in the process without adding stress to their schedules and without taking a big chunk out of my ministry budget? Thus, Easter Egging was born!

It’s simple, it’s cheap (you only need some colored paper and plastic Easter eggs), and most importantly, it’s so fun that kids will WANT to invite their friends this way!

Here’s how it works…

Print and copy the free download, double-sided, on fun colored paper. Then make a plan of which families you want to egg. I tried to communicate with the parents beforehand to make sure I egged houses at a time when kids would be home. This also helped to geographically hit families that lived on the same side of town on the same day.

Hide an empty plastic egg somewhere in the yard.

Tape a packet of the instructions on the door or leave them on the mat in front of the door. I made sure to include extra sheets so kids could egg their friends and pass along the invitation.

Then ring the doorbell, and run! Hide down the street to watch the excitement or drive on to the next house. Kids will find your note, hunt for the empty Easter egg, and (best of all) be excited to invite their friends to your Easter event by “egging” their friends too!

Want to really make your Easter season exciting?

Use the Squeaky Clean Easter lesson!

Download the free Squeaky Clean Easter lesson that teaches kids that only Jesus can wash away our sin and make us Squeaky Clean again! Use the lesson as an introduction to the full 4-week Squeaky Clean unit (with a special lesson on baptism) or adapt as a stand-alone Easter lesson!

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