Fall season is here, which means Fall Fest season is here too. Here are 10 Fall Fest games/activities kids love! Happy Fall, Y’all!

Pumpkin Ring Toss – Write points on 3-5 large pumpkins, set them up, then invite kids to toss a hula hoop around the pumpkins, earning the most points possible!

Donut Tree – What kid doesn’t love eating donuts? In this game, hang donuts from string in a tree, and see how fast kids can eat a donut without using their hands!

Leaf Rubbings – Collect and dry some large fall leaves. Provide paper and crayons for kids to create rubbings with the leaves for a cool fall craft! Lay the paper on top of the leaf, then using the side of the crayon, gently rub the paper until the imprint of the leaf shows through. Pro tip: lay the leaf upside down so the veins are facing up (this gives you more definition when doing the rubbings).

Pumpkin Twister – A fall twist on a classic game (see what I did there?)! Use this fun, free printable to create your own pumpkin twister game board.

Spider Races – Using large straws and spider rings, kids race to see who can blow their spider across the finish line first!

Pin the Spider on the Web – Just like pin-the-tail on the donkey, but with a fall feel! Tape a spider web on the wall. Children will be blindfolded, spun 3 times, and will try to place a spider on the web. (Printable of this game included in the Not So Spooky Lesson!)

Pumpkin Decoration Station – Provide a small pumpkin for each child, then give them a little paint or some fun pumpkin stickers and let their imaginations run wild!

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough – Let kids play with this fall-scented playdough as long as they want, then send them home with the recipe so they can recreate it at home!

Candy Memory Match – Create your own memory match game using fun size candy wrappers (or use this free printable)! Glue two identical wrappers to cardstock, then laminate for durability and repeat with at least 9 different kinds of candy. Use multiple colors of cardstock to create more than one set! Play by laying all the cards out face down, then have kids choose two cards at a time. If the cards match, they get to keep them! If not, turn them over and it’s the next player’s turn.

Spider Web Walk – Tape a spider web shape on the floor, or spray paint one on the ground. Place small spider cutouts and a glowstick on the web. Kids must stay on the web and not fall off, while picking up each spider. When they have picked up all the spiders, they can go pick up the glowstick. Once they bring the glowstick back to the person who is leading the game (still without falling off the web) they win!

Looking for more Fall Fest resources? These might help!

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