What kid doesn’t love candy? Use this candy-themed printable for a quick and easy memory match game. Kids will eat it up! Play at church, or share with families to play at home! 

1) Print the candy pages on cardstock. Print in color or black and white. Pro Tip: Print one copy on white cardstock and another copy on another color to create multiple sets!
2) Cut out the 3.33 x 4 inch squares
3) Laminate the squares for longevity (we re-used these each fall), or leave as is for one-time use!

1) Lay all of the cards face down.
2) Players take turns turning over 2 cards at a time. If the two cards they turn over are a match, they keep the cards and go again. If they aren’t a match, turn the cards back over and it’s the next player’s turn.
3) The winner is the one with the most matches at the end!

Bonus: Make your own Memory Match Cards by gluing fun size candy wrappers to squares of cardstock. Then laminate the squares and you’ve got your own custom set! Glue identical wrappers on different colored cardstock to make multiple sets.

Share this game with your families in their very own fall fest take-home kit! Learn more about Not So Spooky Night at Home here.

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