Here are 10 games to help kids memorize Scripture! Use these 10 ideas (and learn about 10 more) with these monthly memory verse cards for kids. 

  • Echo-Game: Say the verse and have the kid repeat each phrase as an echo. To keep it interesting, the leader can use funny voices (loud, soft, sad, excited, tired, high-pitched, funny accents).
  • Hang Man: Write the verse with all blank spaces (except fill in a couple words, such as “and” and “the”) and play Hang Man with the kids guessing letters one at a time to try and figure out the verse.
  • Erase a Word: Write the verse on a chalkboard or white board, and say it with the kids over and over, erasing one or two words each time. You’ll get down to no words written out, and the kids will have to say the verse from memory.
  • Mix It Up: Write or print the verse on several pieces of paper (one word or phrase per paper) and give the papers to the kids or hide them. Have the kids put them in order.
  • Get in Order: Write the memory verse on pieces of paper and tape the papers to kids’ backs. Have the other kids help them get in order by telling them where to move, then shout the verse together.
  • Guess the Word: Put the verse on a screen or poster so all the kids can see it. Choose a kid to stand blindfolded or facing away from the verse. Point to a word in the verse and tell the large group to read the verse, inserting a *clap* for the word you pointed to. Have the blindfolded kid guess the missing word.
  • Bible Verse Showdown: Have two kids stand back to back, then count to 3 and have them turn and face each other and say the verse. The kid who says the verse the fastest is the winner.
  • Bible Verse Hopscotch: Use a hopscotch grid made with tape on the floor, and add words to each of the squares so the kids have to say each word or words in order as they hop through the grid. (This method also works great for learning the 10 Commandments!)
  • Bible Verse Hot Potato: Use a ball or a real potato to play hot potato. As the ball is tossed, each word must be said individually and in order by the person catching the ball. If someone misses a word or drops the ball, they are out.
  • Bible Balloons: Split the kids in teams and give them a balloon to bat in the air. Every time a kid hits it, they first (or at the same time) say a word of the Bible verse.

These 10 ideas (plus 10 more) are included in this Monthly Memory Verses for Kids Resource. The download includes printable monthly memory verse cards for preschool & elementary age kids, game ideas, plus social media graphics to remind families of their memory verses throughout the month. Learn more here.

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