We’ve been talking all month long about today’s parents, how they’re different from parents of the past, and what that means for our strategy in effectively partnering with parents. With Mother’s Day coming up, let’s talk specifically about today’s moms.

Research has shown that Millennial moms prefer experiences over things, and they love to customize. Like the rest of their generation, they’re technologically inclined, highly connected online, and are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. They value life management assistance (think house cleaners, meal services, organizational apps, etc.), and they are also more likely than moms of generations past to work outside the home and contribute to the family income.

So while the carnation still makes a sweet gift, consider getting a little more intentional or creative with how you celebrate the moms in your ministry this year! Here are a few ideas:

  • Something with technology – Millennials are digital natives and spend A TON of time online. Consider some sort of digital gift like a RightNow Media account or even a digital coffee gift card. What if you curated a list of recommended family faith accounts to follow on Instagram and shared it with moms? This would be a great way to share encouragement and at-home discipleship ideas consistently by leveraging the posts/accounts of trusted sources. Or celebrate moms in service and online with a special video like this one or a fun game that gets the whole room involved. (And if you really want to explore what utilizing technology looks like in your ministry, check out this book!)
  • Something to make their lives easier – Think functional. The easiest and most child-friendly is a coupon book. Help kids be intentional about serving their mom with a coupon book craft like this one. You’d be surprised how many kids don’t know how to sweep the floor or wipe down a table. Take some time on Mother’s Day Sunday to talk about how to do simple chores around the house and even let the kids practice! Turn it into a relay race or a game to make it extra fun, and kids won’t even know they’re doing chores. Or what if you offered a “Breakfast in bed” kit for families with pancake mix, syrup, and some fruit for them to make mom breakfast in bed on another day?
  • Something to help them make memories with their families – Host a red carpet night or special Bible Mom Awards event that highlights mothers in the Bible and celebrates the women in our lives today. Maybe call a local restaurant and strike a deal to provide moms a discounted lunch or special treat as the family enjoys a meal out. Set up a nice photo booth, photo backdrop, or photo spot in your church for Mother’s Day. You could even hire a professional photographer to take the pictures or have someone stationed there to take the pics on people’s phones. No matter what it looks like, how can you create time and space for families to spend quality time together?
  • Something to encourage them – Nothing beats a sincere card, and that still holds true with Millennial moms, who often report wanting more encouragement for their roles in motherhood. Teach children the habit of appreciating their moms with a resource like this, or encourage kids to make their own Mother’s Day cards (options here, here, and here). Or wrap the encouragement around some chocolate bars using this sweet and easy printable, and you’ve really made moms feel celebrated.
  • Something with purpose – Rather than spending money directly on moms, consider making a donation to a foster care ministry, a local women’s shelter, or another one of your mission partners in honor of the women in your church. Communicate about the gift on all your platforms and announcement avenues.

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, ultimately use it as a way to encourage the moms in your ministry, not only celebrating the role they play in the lives of their families, but also reminding them they’re not alone in this important role of motherhood.

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