With Valentine’s Day falling on a Wednesday this year, you may be considering a simple Valentine gift or treat to share with the kids and families in your ministry. But if you’ve worked with kids long, you know giving a room full of kids a bunch of sugar can lead to complete chaos. So I’ve been researching, and here are my 10 favorite non-candy Valentine gifts for kids along with some links to the printables when possible! (Trust me, the parents in your ministry will appreciate the non-sugary gift!)

  1. Scripture Valentine Cards + Heart Stress Ball (Kids are dealing with a lot these days! Remind them that they are loved and that they can count on God with this simple idea!)
  2. “I’m Stuck on You, Valentine” + Sticker Pack (Kids love stickers! Use Generic stickers or Valentine-themed stickers)
  3. “I think you are just write.” + Fun stacking pencil (Did you have these pencils as a kid? SO fun!)
  4. “I like you beary much!” + Teddy Grahams (A tasty snack that’s not quite as sugary as just straight candy.)
  5. Valentine’s Google Eye Rings (These come with valentine cards attached – and you could use these in your lesson by asking kids to put them on, then answer questions, help tell the story, or share a kind word with a friend using their new puppet hands!)
  6. “You’ve got a pizza my heart.” + a coupon from your favorite local pizza joint! (This one is fun for the whole family, and you can mail it if you won’t be meeting in person!)
  7. Foam Airplanes (Perfect for the boys!)
  8. Eye Think You’re Cool” + Fun Valentine Glasses (Incorporate this one into your lesson by encouraging kids to use the glasses to see and love others the way God sees and loves them!)
  9. “Build a Relationship with God” Lego Valentine  (All kids love Legos, and you know there had to be an Oriental Trading option on this list.)
  10.  “I think you’re ex-straw special!” + a crazy straw 
  11. BONUS: Bible Verse Valentine Bookmarks! (This one makes a perfect craft + giveaway!)

Looking for more Valentine resources? Find more ideas here!

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