Classroom Management will make or break your volunteers’ experience teaching and your kids’ experience learning. Share these simple and quick best practices for classroom management with your volunteers to help them serve and lead well.

Sharing simple strategies and techniques like these with your team helps them enjoy leading/serving in your ministry (which means they’ll stick around longer) and helps kids enjoy learning about Jesus (always a win).

  1. Be early. Be preparedThe first one to arrive is the one in charge. Be sure that you are the first one in the classroom. Kids will find something to do if you are not on time & prepared.
  2. Use Attention Grabbers – Have a class attention grabber that is call-and-response. That way kids will clearly know when it is time to focus. We included some examples on the printable version! 
  3. Establish a routineEstablish a routine so kids know what to expect each week. For example, kids know when they arrive, they will sit and work on their coloring sheet or worksheet. Then they have snack, then story, then an activity, etc.
  4. “Try Again”Utilize the power of the phrase ‘try again.’ Rather than children getting in trouble for not following classroom procedures, asking them to try again gives them the opportunity to succeed.

These quick tips are just some of the ideas and training elements included in our Digital Teacher Training: Classroom Management resource. The full resource includes an editable script, graphics for social media and in-person training, and captions to train your volunteers digitally. See more here.

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