easter games for children's ministry

Looking for some socially-distanced games to play for Easter this year? Here are 5 egg-cellent Easter games that are egg-stremely fun! (And find even more Easter 2021 resources here!)


Supplies: Hard-boiled egg, spoons and/or gloves, music

Details: This game is just like hot potato, but with an eggy twist! Children can either sit or stand in a circle. When the music starts, the children pass the “hot boiled egg” around the circle using spoons and/or wearing gloves. When the music stops, the person left holding the egg is out. Play continues until only one person is left, and that person is the winner!


Supplies: 3 Hard-boiled and 3 uncooked eggs, egg box, Dice (optional: trash bags and shower caps)

Details: Invite 6 leaders to the front and give them all a number. (You may want to provide trash bags and shower caps for the leaders to wear over their heads and shirts. And, if you don’t have 6 leaders, you can do this with yourself or with just one other leader.) Roll a dice and whichever number the dice lands on, that number leader has to pick an egg and crack it over their head. Keep playing until there is one player left.


Supplies: Colorful hard-boiled eggs (or colorful plastic eggs), plain white hard-boiled egg

Details: Each player uses a colorful hard-boiled egg (or a colorful plastic egg). A plain white hard-boiled egg is used as the target. Players compete to see who can roll their egg closest to the white egg without touching the white egg and without cracking their colorful egg. The person who gets the closest without touching wins OR play multiple rounds and the first person to win a certain number of rounds will win the game. (The eggs could be replaced with chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny as the target.)


Supplies: Toilet paper rolls and eggs (hardboiled, chocolate, or fresh – if you’re feeling brave!)

Details: Invite 2-3 children up front to play this game. Children have to build the tallest tower, first using a toilet paper roll, then the egg, then the roll, the egg etc. Set a time limit for 1 minute to see who can build the tallest tower in that time.


Supplies: Bowl of whipped cream, 10 chocolate/candy Easter eggs (or jelly beans) that are hidden in the cream, wipes/towels for clean up

Details: Choose 2-3 children to come up on stage. Give each child a bowl with whipped cream and chocolate eggs/jelly beans hidden in the cream. Kids must fish the eggs out of the cream as quickly as possible. You can choose whether they do this with their fingers, toes, or face – depending on the level of mess that you want!

All 5 of these egg-cellent Easter games come from our Egg-streme Easter 4-week series that teaches kids about Jesus’s egg-straordinary sacrifice for us! The series includes 12+ games for safe fun whether you’re meeting in-person or online. Learn more about this series here, and click each image below to learn more about our top on-screen Easter games!

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