Use these marshmallow games at your fall fest event or just for fun! 

1) Marshmallow Toss

Supplies: 5 buckets (sand buckets work well), marshmallows, rope or pool noodle (to stand behind and toss)

Details: Set up five buckets with point levels written on each bucket. Line the buckets up in a row with the lowest points in the front and the highest points in the back. Players will stand behind a line (rope or pool noodle) and toss marshmallows into each bucket.


2) Marshmallow Catch

Supplies: Mini Marshmallows, cups, 2 pool noodles or ropes

Details: This is a two-player game. One player holds the cup and tries to catch marshmallows. The other player stands back and tries to toss ten mini marshmallows into their partner’s cup. Put out ropes or two pool noodles for players to stand behind.


3) Marshmallow Sort

Supplies: Colored mini marshmallows, bowl, timer

Details: Put out a bowl with mini colored marshmallows. Players will see how fast they can sort out the marshmallows by color. For a challenge, only allow players to use one hand.


4) Marshmallow Stack

Supplies: Marshmallows, table (or hard surface to stack on)

Details: Players will see how many marshmallows they can stack before the marshmallows fall over.


5) Make a Marshmallow Shooter

Supplies: One solo cup and one balloon per person, mini marshmallows, snack size ziplock bags, tape, stickers or other items to decorate the cup

Details: Players will make a marshmallow shooter they can take home. Cut the bottoms off the cups and the round tops off the balloons. Players will tie the end of the balloon and then stretch the balloon around one end of the cup and tape in place. They will use stickers or other items to decorate their cup.  Each person will take a bag of marshmallows. You can either pre-bag the marshmallows or leave out a bowl of marshmallows and allow people to fill their own snack size bag. To use, the player puts a marshmallow in the cup, pulls back on the tied part of the balloon, then releases it to shoot out the marshmallow.


6) Marshmallow Painting

Supplies: Marshmallows, paint, paper, plates (to put paint on), wet wipes (to clean hands), pencil (to write names on papers)

Details: Set out plates with paint and paper to paint on. Players will use the marshmallows as paintbrushes to paint a masterpiece.


7) Marshmallow People

Supplies: Marshmallows, markers

Details: Set out markers and marshmallows and let people decorate a marshmallow.

These 7 Marshmallow games are part of the S’more Prayer Family Event, a s’more-themed prayer station event for kids or families with a fun fellowship element. Participants visit four s’more-themed stations where they engage in creative prayer activities. After they have visited the prayer stations, kids or families enjoy a time of fellowship while making and eating s’mores. Learn more about hosting this event here.

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