Connecting with kids on Sunday mornings must be a priority in order to make Sunday mornings successful. Breaking the ice with the kids and forming personal relationships encourages them to be excited about coming to church and creates a better environment for them to learn more about God. While you may feel comfortable walking up to a brand-new kid, your volunteers might need some help in how to break the ice and build relationships with the kids in their small group. Here are 7 helpful hints to share with your team on breaking the ice with kids…

  1. Make an effort to see eye to eye with the kids! When the kids arrive in the morning, get down to their level to listen to them. 
  2. Give plenty of high fives because (appropriate) physical touch can go a long way.
  3. Engage in conservation with the kids and listen to what they have to say. That means looking them in the eye just as much as you make eye contact with their parents. Kids know when you’re not really paying attention! 
  4. Learn kids’ names to show that they are loved and wanted. When you remember a child’s name, it communicates that you remember that child. 
  5. Play games with them and have fun! Laughter is the easiest way to put everyone at ease. 
  6. Get personal with them and ask about their week. Ask about something that made them happy this week, or something they are looking forward to next week. Remember they have lives outside of church too, and do what you can to learn about them. 
  7. Let them serve you too! Invite kids to complete a small task or help you pass out craft supplies. Let them feel wanted and needed.

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