Need a simple game to break the ice with kids? Play this relay race game on Palm Sunday during large group or small group time to see who can ride their “donkey” (a pool noodle) to Jerusalem and back the fastest!

Supplies: 4 small cones, 1 pool noodle per team, Jerusalem sign printable included in this download.

Prep: Set out cones to designate a starting line and turning point. Near the turning point cones, post the Jerusalem sign printable included in this download.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Ask: Does anyone remember what city Jesus entered into in our Bible story today? (let children respond: Jerusalem)
  • Say: Yes, Jesus was entering Jerusalem. What did he ride on when he entered Jerusalem? (let children respond: a donkey)
  • Say: Great job! Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Today, we’re going to have a little race to see which team can ride their donkey to Jerusalem and back the fastest!
  • Point out the cones and Jerusalem sign. Divide the group into two teams and give each team a pool noodle. Have each team line up single file behind the starting line.
  • When you say go, one person from each team will “ride the donkey” with the pool noodle between their legs from the starting line, around their turning point Jerusalem cone, and back to their team, where they will pass the donkey off to the next person in line.
  • The team who has all their players ride the donkey to Jerusalem and back first wins.
  • Play again as time allows, changing how children must ride the donkey (going backward, without using their hands, two people at a time, etc.).

This game is one of the small group activities used in our 4-week Squeaky Clean Easter unit that teaches kids about baptism and the truth that only Jesus can wipe away our sin and make us squeaky clean again. Learn more about this Easter series here.

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