We’re in the middle of a blog post series that focuses on engaging kids according to how they are wired, and we talked earlier in the week about how kids are wired for technology.

In addition to the links and sites I shared in the previous post, today, I’m sharing a simple Bible Story Trivia Video for Kids!

It has 12 questions, covers both the Old Testament and the New, and lasts about 6 minutes – perfect for a countdown or parent-pick-up time!

You can download this video to use in your ministry using a site like KeepVid or use it directly from the Deeper KidMin Youtube Channel.

Want to see this video used in a lesson?

Check out our SLLRP Introductory Lesson!

This video acts as the Snack Station in the SLLRP introductory lesson and gives kids a chance to interact with the Bible through technology while also reminding them church is a place where they can learn.

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