There are 3 ways to use this free Christmas Nativity Printable! No matter what option you choose, it’s a fun activity for your Christmas season!

Prep: Print and cut the pieces for each player

1) On-stage game – Call up 3-4 volunteers on stage. Provide a copy of the printable for each player, printed and cut into pieces. The fastest player to re-assemble the puzzle wins!

2) Large Group Game – Rather than calling up players on stage, give every child in the room a copy of the printable, printed and cut into pieces. The fastest child to re-assemble the puzzle wins!

3) Small group activity – Provide copies for each small group to complete individually or as a group!

This printable activity is just one of the many activities provided in our Don’t Be a Grinch 4-week Christmas series! This series includes both socially-distanced, in-person lessons + Zoom-friendly lessons. Learn more about this Christmas series here.

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