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Father’s Day Ideas for your Children’s Ministry

Celebrate the dads and men in your church this Father's Day with these fun ideas! TEACHING Father's Day Holiday History Lesson CRAFTS/PRINTABLES Father's Day Coloring Cards Father's Day Dad Joke Coloring Cards Father's Day All In One Pack Father's Day Tie Goody Bag Craft Father's Day Printables Father's Day Tie Craft Father's Day Coupons To [...]

10 Games To Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Here are 10 games to help kids memorize Scripture! Use these 10 ideas (and learn about 10 more) with these monthly memory verse cards for kids.  Echo-Game: Say the verse and have the kid repeat each phrase as an echo. To keep it interesting, the leader can use funny voices (loud, soft, sad, excited, tired, [...]

Bible Baseball Dice Review Game

  This content is only available to a Deeper KidMin Subscriber, but don’t worry! It’s easy to join and gain access to this content and our entire Subscriber Freebie Library. If you’re not currently a DKM subscriber, join for free to gain access to 120+ free kidmin downloads and receive our weekly emails. If you’re […]