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KidMin Bucket List

We make bucket lists for lots of things – summertime, our lives, a particular season. But have you ever made a bucket list for your children’s ministry? As you head into back-to-school season and plan out the school year ahead, what hopes, dreams, and goals do you have for your ministry? Take some time this […]

Legos Creation Object Lesson

Earlier in the week, we shared about Anne Marie Gosnell's Secret Sermon Object Lesson idea - it's brilliant, by the way - and she has graciously allowed us to share a free sample from her book: What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids! {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+Free+Sample+%2B+Creation+Object+Lesson+Here%21&align=center& }} This free sample includes the [...]

Secret Sermon Object Lessons from Anne Marie Gosnell

Do you use object lessons in your children's ministry? Have you ever heard of "Secret Sermon" object lessons? I learned about Secret Sermon object lessons from my friend Anne Marie, the creator of Future Flying Saucers. She uses them in their family services each Sunday morning to engage kids and teach them about God's Word. [...]