I loved this insight from Dema Kohen, one of our DKM Marketplace Vendors and just had to share. Here’s some of his wisdom on serving our families well in the month of May (and how to help them).

It’s the first day of May, and…

many families in our churches are freaking out.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this post that popped up in my Facebook feed earlier today. (This is from one of the moms who attends our church.)

Take a good look at this calendar, because I dare to say it represents reality for 95% of the families in your congregation.

If you are thinking of pulling off a big event this month… don’t do it!

At least don’t do it until you ask the families in your church if they want one, and if they have time and energy to attend one.

Take a look at the revealing comments this post has received.

Here’s how I see it.

Life is fast. Calendars are full. Demands on time and energy are limitless, and many families are trapped in an unending cycle of being…

… stressed

… stretched

… rushed

… tired

… overwhelmed

… over-committed

… pulled apart

… burnt out

No wonder no one returns phone calls or replies to emails this time of the year, and church attendance becomes sporadic. At this time, it can be so tempting to offer “bait,” a big event of some sort that will lure over-scheduled children into our church building.

But we need to ask ourselves: Is this really the best thing for our families at this time? I am convinced that families don’t need yet another calendar filler. (And you can use this calendar planning checklist to help you keep calender-fillers off your ministry schedule!)

What they DO need is a pause button. A calm, quiet spot in their day. A sacred ritual of peace and togetherness.

What they need is an invitation to slow down, reconnect and talk about their day in a relaxed setting.

And the best place for this to happen (by God’s design) is at the dinner table.

As many families around you are freaking out (maybe even including your own), you can throw them a lifeline.

With the What’s for Dinner? campaign you can help them discover the beauty of the unhurried life by teaching them to eat together.

Thousands of families have already gone through this challenge and experienced relational closeness and richness that can only happen when we slow down.

Download your campaign kit today and watch the families being transformed… one bite at a time.

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