Invite kids to contribute to a special Glow Art Prayer Mural for Easter or anytime you’re learning about how Jesus is the Light! This idea works perfect as a Create station or as part of your Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt!

Supplies: markers, neon poster boards, large blank wall space, blacklight(s), way to hang the poster boards (masking tape worked for us)

Prep: Cover a large wall space in neon (pink, green, yellow, etc.) poster boards. Write “Glow Art” at the top and leave markers for kids to use. Aim the black lights toward the neon posters.

Description: When we did this activity, children used the markers to write or draw what “Jesus is light” meant to them. This could be a prayer, a phrase, or just a picture! You could also invite kids to write or draw about Easter, Holy Week, or any other “light” lesson you’re working on.

This prayer activity is one of the stations at the Jesus is Light Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event, a unique Easter event that teaches kids about John 8:12 and how Jesus is the Light of the World. Learn more about this unique egg hunt here.

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